What forum should a question go to

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What forum should a question go to

Postby jjanderson5 » 2020-02-10 13:34

So let me get this straight. If there is a Linux question and you are working on a derivative distribution of Debian, you should go the derivative forum, even if the question involves the base distribution?

For example, if the question is about the kernel, the question should go to derivative forum even though it is quite possible that no one working on that distribution has ever worked on the kernel?

Or taking it into a different realm, If I have a problem with my diesel engine, I should go the Dodge truck forum and not the diesel engine forum? I do agree there are cases, e.g. a fuel flow problem could be causing the problem with the engine, where maybe the question would be better served by the truck manufacturer experts, but it many cases the diesel engine problem has nothing to do what truck it is in.

Just my opinion, but either forum should welcome the question. My expectation would be that if the experts in one of those forums knew the answer would be better served in the other forum, their response would be to explain that and explain why. For the engine forum to say, "oh no, all questions about the engine must go to the truck manufacture forum first", is absurd.

Just like 'for profit' organizations, non-profit organizations vary in their character. Some server their clients well, and some don't. On a custom satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, I rate you in the 2 to 3 range. But it is your forum and your rules. Adios.
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Re: What forum should a question go to

Postby arochester » 2020-02-10 13:57

If it is a Debian derivative then certainly go to their forum.

As I have said before

Start with Debian
Add something
Take something away
Change something
The end product is not Debian.

There are approximately 120 derivatives.
A problem MIGHT relate to an untouched Debian part.
BUT it might be derivative specific.
This is Debian User Forums for people who use Debian. The real thing, not derivatives.
You cannot expect users of the actual Debian to know about the 120 derivatives.

The people here are all volunteers. They are not here to "serve any clients". They can choose, or not choose, to answer a question.

You have been given good advice. If you use a derivative, go to their Forum.

Ubuntu is a Debian derivative. Should we, therefore, answer all Ubuntu questions that come our way?
Similarly Kali Linux... Knoppix... Linux Mint Debian Edition... ParrotOS...Raspbian...SparkyLinux...SteamOS...Tails...etc. etc
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Re: What forum should a question go to

Postby arzgi » 2020-02-10 14:00

It's good to learn to use search engines, like google for example.



Are two examples of general linux discussion.

Try to understand there are close to 150 Debian derivatives, we do not know what they have changed, and do not care.

The reason you get short answers from long time members, there have been so many [Kali, Ubuntu, you name it] users asking questions about their distro. After n, you are quite fed up.
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