Windows update 7 to 10; no problems with GRUB

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Windows update 7 to 10; no problems with GRUB

Postby kedaha » 2020-04-21 11:14

As a dedicated free software enthusiast I am not too proud of this but I may one day wish to sell my old computer with its 2013 BIOS to some dedicated non-free software user so I reasoned it might be not a bad idea to update the thing.
I seldom if ever booted the Windows 7 Pro and had even removed the Windows sticker from the casing and replaced it with a Free Software Foundation GPL sticker so I wondered if I might need the product ID number for the update. I was also a bit concerned lest the update messed things up because I also multi boot Debian along with FreeBSD, OpenBSD which I also haven't booted for a long time.
The update was long and boring and after the second reboot before proceeding with the numerous updates I booted Debian and ran update-grub and Windows 10 appeared in the boot menu and after several more reboots the process was completed and fortunately I didn't need the sticker with the productID which, as a precaution, I had looked for and found in the registry.
I might mention that I didn't bother to make any backups. If the update had gone wrong then I thought—to hell with it!—I would have simply deleted the partition because there are better ways to spend one's free time. :wink:
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