Very Old PC, Should I upgrade to Buster?

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Re: Very Old PC, Should I upgrade to Buster?

Postby bester69 » 2020-05-20 17:26

stevepusser wrote:

anticapitalista with antiX would not agree. Maybe it more your FrankenDebian's fault. How do any Live USBs you've tried perform?

It might be a thing of my intel graphic chipset :!: , indeed I have the same problems I had when I upgraded ffmpeg and libdrm/mesa with Stretch to last baackported versions... furthermore, I coulnt run Swat4 (wine 1.4.1) in playonlinux... and mpv29 works worse than mpv28 in stretch and in buster... and the problems with kodi17 didnt know what could be about, just felt laggy the menus... the browser more or less the same than stretch, perhaps faster rendering, but I have the same bothering issue with vertical bar scroll, it scroll kind of laggy...I just could fix this issue with kernel 4.4.39..others kernels reproduce the issue....; dolphin and IO operations are very fast in buster, perhaps too much, feels unnaturl, sometimes dolphin do some extrange things with focus on folders, selecting more than one folder.. to me , the most importan thing weren ok in buster.:
- Vertical bar browser scroll (kind of laagy)
- Swat4-playonlinux (wasnt able to deploy the wine version required)
- mpv29 (smplayer) (eats more cpu, looks worse the codecs like darker, and have the same bug than in stretch, that doesn pick hd online streams but low ones)
- kodi17 (felt very heavy or clumsy)
- The kernel version I need 4.4.39, couldn build Virtualbox modules (tried some few different versions)
- dolphin (so quick it does extrange things with focus on folders)

So, In general is a step backguards for me, I guess, In other computer with a more powerfull or better graphical chipset, should not get all of theses weird and bothering issues.
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