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Re: Does anyone here use, or intend to use, a Linux Phone?

PostPosted: 2020-07-30 13:16
by Deb-fan
Something that looks pretty interesting, kinda combo nix - droid sort of.

Really interesting no matter what. Installed a terminal emulator on my cheapy Android phone, its funny messing with the thing. Installed busybox too but its not going to work on the thing natively w/o rooting it and atm dont want to even try. Did this before on a rooted device of course it was more fun to mess with then. Still lotsa cool and interesting parallels, maybe cross overs for gnu/nix + android on mobile. The AOSP (open source android) possibly.

Random weirdness: Folks can get mucho more open source on mobile just clearly made more difficult. Also folks tend to constantly gripe about Google but bottomline, they provide a lot of cool/useful services too. Ahhhh