Listen to Youtube with tizonia (command line)

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Listen to Youtube with tizonia (command line)

Postby bester69 » 2020-12-06 04:04

- Listen to Youtube with tizonia (command line)

I made following script (youtrack) to make easier to listen youtube's music.:

Listen chains searched
youtrack "relaxing music" >> It searches for relaxing music and play it shuffled
youtrack "ASMR" >> Play inmediatly random ASMR

Listen given movies/playlist URL
youtrack "" >> Listen URL movie
youtrack "<<PlaylistURL>>" >> Play a given playlist URL shuffled

Listen movies from given youtube channel
youtrack "" >> Play random movies from any given channel
Code: Select all
export APIV3=$(sudo ~/scripts/ XXYY5)

killall tizonia
tizonia --help youtube

case "$1" in
    *"youtube"*"list"* ) 
    echo "es youtube lista"
        tizonia --youtube-api-key="$APIV3" --youtube-audio-playlist "$1" --shuffle
      *"channel"* ) 
        echo "es Canal todos videos"
        tizonia --youtube-api-key="$APIV3" --youtube-audio-channel-upload "$1" --shuffle
      *"youtube"* ) 
        echo "es youtube video"
        tizonia --youtube-api-key="$APIV3" --youtube-audio-stream "$1"
    * )
        echo "es una búsqueda"
        ##error 404 tizonia --youtube-api-key="$APIV3" --youtube-audio-mix-search "$1"
        tizonia --youtube-api-key="$APIV3" --youtube-audio-search "$1" --shuffle

More Examples of tizonia-youtube use.:
$ tizonia --youtube-audio-mix-search 'the final countdown'
$ tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-playlist 'UCGJdzJQ3R1BpahSvcFq23HA masters of metal'
$ tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-uploads 'UCGJdzJQ3R1BpahSvcFq23HA'
$ tizonia --youtube-audio-stream v2AC41dglnM

:!: For the youtube API (create a youtube API3)
- Youtube API3 is very easy to get from (yotube.developer)

Install.: snap install tizonia
Update.: snap refresh tizonia

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:arrow: For remote control, we need tizonia-remote,
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