Big problem with my server.

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Big problem with my server.

Postby xickwy » 2021-01-05 12:52


I've a big problem with my server. I don't know what's happening. After two weeks forgetting it, two days ago i've noticed my server fans upper a bit. And here comes the problems.

The networks services works fine (I'm talking now with pfsense working in my server). I can access by ssh and iRMC. I can run commands how qm to see if pfsense is running, lxc don't work, and some pve commands. So... not bad. Go to the problems. I see a lot of services stucked, firstly pveproxy, with a loop of dmesg trying to start. If i go to the problem, I see the systemd-hostnamed is stopped. When I try to start, it shows me a Access Denied. With systemd-nslookup, can't access to /etc/hostname. Again, Access Denied. SMPD services shows me the can't access to hosts.allow/deny...... I've try to run fsck, no errors.

I will try to reinstall some proxmox services, and i've got the PVE Manager stucked in the reinstall because pveproxy can't start. Now if i try to update by apt, can't do. Due to dns lookup, can't accesible. I can download by ssh and dkpg -i. But nothing... I see PX run over Apparmor. I've disabled it, and the same thing. I think that not a Proxmox issue, its due a Debian problem and the most problematic services are Debian-based. But it's strange. I've do always the same, apt update & dist-upgrade how Proxmox guide says.

I've checked SMART, and it's passed. No bad sectors. I've checked all the links and symlinks and are root:root and 644, so I don't know what's happening.

I think i've try all. But some help is needed sometimes.

Thanks in advance

My server is a Fujitsu Primergy RX300S8. Two Xeon E5-2630v2 with 86GiB DDR3. I'm Running in a SATA disk and a RAID5 with the others disks. Running the 5.4 proxmox kernel
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Re: Big problem with my server.

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2021-01-05 15:25

xickwy wrote:I think that not a Proxmox issue

I disagree. Why don't you check with Proxmox? They will have a better idea of how exactly they've wrecked Debian :mrgreen:

Anyway Proxmox is not supported here, thread moved to the Offtopic section.
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Re: Big problem with my server.

Postby xickwy » 2021-01-06 01:56

Yes. I know. But the core is Debian, the services downed are debian, and the problems that I have, are from DEBIAN. Not from proxmox. The GUI are from Proxmox, in apt repositories work with Proxmox and Debian, so.... I don't know why i can't ask for help where the core is founded. And those doesn't work because the services of Debian doesn't work.

Anyway. Thanks for nothing. I will try to ask for help in better forums. See ya
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