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Postby coxy » 2007-06-02 09:58

rfmonk, you mentioned about using socks 5 in Firefox. Do I just open up my connection settings and select 'Manual proxy configuration' then add localhost to the proxy? And that is it? When I added a port number (a random one) it blocked my connection :( When the port is left as 0 it connects but I don't know if it is encrypted or not :roll:

I didn't realise that Steve Gibson was a fraud, thanks for the info! His key gen was a useful tool but I will find anotherl.

Thanks again.
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Postby sonic6k » 2007-06-02 14:36

4430 is the standard port number for Secure HTTP.
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Postby jml » 2007-06-02 21:48

Computer security is a relative thing. The only way to get complete security is to unplug your computer, lock it in a safe and never use it. Unfortunately, we are constantly balancing computer usability versus computer security. I use and recommend the use of a router, or combined router and wireless access point even if you only have one computer connected to the internet. It functions as a reasonably effective hardware firewall if correctly configured. Wireless, if needed will always be less secure than a wired connection, but use of either WPA or WPA2 is reasonable security. The likihood of someone sitting outside your home for the time needed to crack your network is rather unlikely. The same can be said for the use of locking a system down to the MAC adress. While MAC spoofing is possible, its my opinion that its unlikely that a "cracker" will spend the time sitting outside of your house hoping to get into your network. Any way, if you are concerned about your neighbor's ability to crack your network, then stick to a hard-wired network. You will sleep better.

I worry more about the vunerability of the "big fish" I do business with. Its more likely for a criminal to break into Amazon's, a bank's or a government's network than my personal computer. Heck, I've lost count of the number of government laptops that have been lost. I tend to spend more time worrying about the vendors I do business with and take measures to limit, but not eliminate my risks.

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academic? peace of mind?

Postby nopposan » 2007-06-03 01:39

Well, it's not only the greedy criminal that weighs on my mind, jml. It's the "dragons" too. I don't mean to meddle in their affairs, but I'd like to give my computer setup maximum protection against them. I hear they don't like garlic, and yet they often eat at fancy Italian restaurants in Washington D.C., so I doubt that's true.

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Postby Optional » 2007-06-03 04:29

sonic6k wrote:4430 is the standard port number for Secure HTTP.

443* ;)
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Postby 987687 » 2007-06-12 02:49

Since I have cards that only support WEP I use that. But I also use a MAC filter so only the addresses I list can connect. I would use wired, but its physically impossible in my house. But I have not had any problems with WEP + MAC filtering. Oh, and I also don't have my router broadcast the SSID, therefor people don't know its there, or its at least harder to find...
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Postby chrismortimore » 2007-06-18 10:31

987687 wrote:But I have not had any problems with WEP + MAC filtering. Oh, and I also don't have my router broadcast the SSID, therefor people don't know its there, or its at least harder to find...
You can still find the SSID, and you can sniff the MAC address from the packets that you use to crack the key. It does, however, stop lazy people from leeching your internet.
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