FOSS Java RAD Environment like JBuilder for Linux?

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FOSS Java RAD Environment like JBuilder for Linux?

Postby sonic6k » 2007-06-12 21:38


I am now officially a Java developer at FLG and I need a professional Java RAD (Rapid-Application-Development) Environment that is like JBuilder, but free and open-source. My JBuilder trial is soon going to end and to be honest I don't like it, so if there are any Java devs here, please could you tell me what applications you use? Thanks!
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Postby swirling_vortex » 2007-06-13 02:45

Netbeans? I know that includes a GUI builder for Swing (if that's what you mean).
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Postby Lavene » 2007-06-13 06:29

FLG? What's that? A quick google gave the following possibilities:

Family Life Group
Final Layer Grinding
Finger Licking Good
Flagstaff, AZ, USA - Flagstaff
Flaming Lotus Girls :shock:
FMS-Like Gene
Friendly Local Gunsmith :?
Frontline Gaming Community


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Postby sonic6k » 2007-06-13 14:06

Finnish Linux Group. Currently it has no website and we work privately and share ideas through e-mail until we have done enough stuff to open access for the public. I do however know where the company is and I have been in about 20 meetings, I have even got a copy of Xandros Business for free and I got also access to the commercial QT toolkit because the founder of FLG has bought a QT company license, cool isn't it? My intake is about 2500€ per month and sometimes more (4000-5000€) if I do extra work (I rarely do that, but sometimes if I'm in the mood :) ).

The work which I do isn't very hard, I just log in to the private e-mail service, check for requests, jobs or support tickets and start filling them.

For example, last week I had some things like this:
Code: Select all
Support Ticket Management

Open Tickets:

Ticked ID: 9204
Ticket Title: Speech To Text program bugs
Ticket Message: Hello Salam! Your Speech To Text program doesn't start up on Fedora, but I got it to work on Gentoo without any problems.
                The error message I get is: "Could not open Sub[Audio] system, code:0x02 audio_sub_system.io1 A:30".
                I examined it a little and it seems that your Sub[Audio] sound server doesn't respond to cx-kernels because A:30 reads
                the third byte of the timer frequency table which isn't available in cx-kernels, but cm-kernels so please post a patch soon!
                - Anthony

Requests Management

Open Requests:

Request ID: 1530
Request Reward: 200 Elite Points or 1000 Pro Points
Request Title: REX Compatible loop sequencer
Request Message: Hello! I request for a loop sequencer compatible with REX (rx2) files.
                 I use these in Cubase in Windows and I miss some REX loops in Debian.
                 Yesterday I tried Sub[Music] by Salam and Anthony, but there's no REX.
                 And the Sub[Import] program works only for REX v1 files, I use Rex v2.
                 Thanks, JoeM.

Job Archive

Open Jobs:

Job ID: 3002
Job Mission: Develope ALSA and OSS compatible low-latency sound server
Job Reward: 3000 Elite Points or 5000 Pro Points
Job Info: Dear FLG Members, we have got many requests for creating a low-latency sound server natively compatible with ALSA and OSS applications.
          In other words you have to make a replacement for what JACK is for, but it should work with existing unmodified ALSA/OSS applications.
          If you can make it compatible with PulseAudio, or any other sound servers, then you get 1000 Elite Points extra.
          Latency benchmarks will be done by Salam, Anthony, Mark'D, Veil and Samir.
          Sincerely, Tuomas Haukinen.

The more Pro Points you have, the more stuff you get like free access to commercial products.. Elite Points can be exchanged in money or Pro Points (10 000 Elite Points = 1000€, 4000 Elite Points = 10 000 Pro Points)

My profile has until now only 3000 Elite Points and 56 000 Pro Points :P
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Postby sonic6k » 2007-06-13 14:43

I'm going to try NetBeans, thanks for the suggestion swirling_vortex!
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Postby gmedina » 2007-06-13 15:00

Food Labeling Guide?
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Postby sonic6k » 2007-06-13 15:03

gmedina wrote:Food Labeling Guide?
As I already said, it's Finnish Linux Group. Read my above posts and you will know more of it.. Fibonacci lover ;)
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