taking over non-Free corporate world

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Is it possible to develop a completely Free Sofwtare MNC ?

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taking over non-Free corporate world

Postby arnuld_aqua » 2007-06-13 09:36

it is quite sad but i *expect* exactly in that way from corporate world:


i only want to know how we, as "Free Software Community" can take over such challenges. i came up only with one idea:

developing my own Free Software business (like Red Hat but being more selective in choosing softwares like Debian's DFSG and BLAG) and if we are 50 owners (in numbers) creating biggy-BIG MNCs over 10-20 years of time. our edge is *high-quality* of softwares then i think we can make proprietary world helpless and change them to Free Software.

am i right ?

EDIT: this is the bare-bones version of the article that i wrote at my BLOG.
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