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Cold soda

PostPosted: 2004-03-08 12:14
by MarkvD
Great idea......
    Written By: John Collard (nutxo)
    Date: 3-5-04

    So, once again I'm just sittin' here, drinkin' warm soda. Once every few hours I head into the kitchen to throw my hot soda down the drain and refill my cup with cold soda. What a waste. I'm thinkin to myself, I could build my computer inside a fridge! Nah, who wants to deal with the condensation. I find it hard to justify buying a fridge just to cut apart for my machine (not to mention how my wife would feel about it!). There has to be a way to keep my soda cold.

    I could use a peltier! Check this out.

    I started to get my stuff together

Check the complete guide here :

PostPosted: 2004-03-08 22:03
by NGene
Now that was funny. :D I wonder when the really hardcore ├╝ber geeks start cooling their soda with liquid hydrogen?

BTW, there's an error in your link - it should be

PostPosted: 2004-03-09 04:53
by MarkvD
Right, i've edited the link! Thanks NGene