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very slow dwnld speed

Postby zizou » 2007-02-11 04:22

I just installed Debian on my comp. a few weeks back... & I am amazed by its ease of customization...

nyway, the prblem is that in our university LAN we use DC++ to transfer files..
I have tried the linux counterparts... valknut / linuxdcpp / dcgui
For a few days it worked like a charm! :D
however, recently linuxdcpp was showing real slow speeds (abt. 20 Kbps ) when usually it goes at 6 Mbps... it wasnt a user problem... coz it persisted, i retried frm other users... but it persists....
I tried with valknut, the first 2 /3 dwnlds were fine, but the same thing started once again....

Bfore this I had a problem with linuxdcpp... it used to exit suddenly saying Bus Error ... I reinstalled & deleted all my ~/.dc++/ files, reshared, and it was working fine again....

I know that linuxdcpp is yet to be beta, but i feel the problem's somewhere else... coz even valknut's giving the same problem.... :?
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