Please Read.. What we expect you have already Done.

If it doesn't relate to Debian, but you still want to share it, please do it here

Please Read.. What we expect you have already Done.

Postby Absent Minded » 2009-11-20 20:37

Let me first welcome you to the Debian Users Forum. We hope your visit here will both help and enlighten you in your Debian experience.

We do have a few expectations of what you have done already to find your answer.
1) We expect that you have used Google or another search engine to find your answer.
2) That you have searched the Man pages available on your topic.
If you don't know how you may do this, open a terminal and at the prompt enter "man topic" where "topic" represents the topic you are having trouble with.
3) Lastly, that you have tried to use the forum search feature to find help on your issue.

Here is a few links that may help you in your search for answers:

Debian Wiki:
Debian Reference:
Debian FAQ:
Debian ISO's
A Beginners Guide to Debian: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=58557

We are glad to be here to help you, you should however realize that our members and staff are ALL volunteer people just like you. No one gets paid to be here and help. Also our members are from all over the globe and there may be dead times on the forum where no one responds right away. We do try to avoid this though.

Thank you for your interest in Debian, I hope you find it as much of a rewarding experience as I do.

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