Trouble in the land of sidux

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Re: Trouble in the land of sidux

Postby h2 » 2010-09-17 19:30

MeanDean, I suggest you go to channel #smxi and ask damentz, he's usually happy to talk about what the differences are since he's pretty passionate about desktop performance, I know he's said many things quite concrete but I basically accept that he cares and so will do his best and that's why I use his stuff.

He does work, of course, ie, he has a life, so he won't always respond right away but if you post your question he'll answer it eventually.

Or you can ask on the liquorix forum. But I think you'll get a more accurate answer on irc, since it's more interesting talking to someone than typing out an answer that might change in weeks or months.
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Re: Trouble in the land of sidux

Postby craigevil » 2010-09-18 11:30

sidux is dead, long live aptosid :: :: debian based live cd development :
Important News: sidux is dead, long live aptosid
Contributed by bfree on Sep 09, 2010 - 05:21 PM

As I am sure you are all aware, there have been interesting times for sidux recently. The bad news is that the sidux project is dead. The good news is that aptosid has been aptly born like a phoenix from the ashes and will provide a smooth upgrade for sidux systems. In many ways nothing has changed but our name.

Having declared the last attempt at an election for the e.V. board void while it was happening, the election of a new board is now overdue by more than a year. The e.V. has also had no official public financial reports and until recently the treasurer was refusing to correspond with the other board members. There is now also even an internal e.V. challenge to the decision of their last meeting..

Each person you ask will provide a different story of what happened and they are not all lying. Most of the problems which occurred seem to come back to communication issues, from language problems to personality clashes. Two entities evolved which could not communicate. Over time this communication breakdown caused an ever expanding range of problems.

The reality now is that the sidux e.V. seems to believe it owns at least the European registration of the TM for sidux and we have been unable to reach a position where the developers of sidux are able to feel in any way comfortable about carrying on under that name.

So aptosid is born. Those of you who dist-upgrade will be asked by debconf to change your sources.list files. Despite what some may have said, we do care about everyone who uses our software, so your system will still be supported there. You may even find other changes you like.

What has not changed is the primary team behind the development of sidux and we hope that everyone who enjoyed our work and used that system will come join us at aptosid.

sidux is dead, long live aptosid.

Just change your sources.list from sidux to aptosid.

# aptosid (the new sidux) ... tosid.list
# Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina at Brunswick, Germany
# deb sid main fix.main
# deb-src sid main fix.main
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Re: Trouble in the land of sidux

Postby h2 » 2010-09-18 18:09

craigevil, that's not actually correct what you want to do is remove all sidux sources except for: sid main

then do a dist-upgrade / full-upgrade

that will replace sidux packages with aptosid packages. If you replace sidux sources with aptosid sources before doing this, then the switchover won't happen.

Also, the switchover routine deletes the sidux sources and replaces them with aptosid, I suggest making /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sidux.list to keep it easy on the sidux scripters, who have always had a bit of difficulty handling sources.list editing, or special cases.

this is exactly what smxi does for the upgrade, it's all it does.

Seems to work fine.
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