What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-08-10 01:25


This is OpenBsd, fluxbox WM, the conky window just shows black, not sure why on that, I posted this for a demo, as being discussed in this thread/topic:http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=147015&p=725596#p725596
================edit ---more :
I forgot to mention the task bar is "tint2", it is useful for giving a index of sorts, showing everything I have open, to keep the main work area (window) clean, I generally "minimize" the ones I am not using, and just click the icon in the task bar to restore it. So any way, that's one way of using multi terminals, and keeping track of them.
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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby Nili » 2020-08-17 09:59

Openbox & Tint2 + Executors


Thank you to:
/Addy (addy-dclxvi) for the tint2+executors.
/HJ (sixsixfive) for the DarK GTK+ Theme/Openbox
/hokagemadura for the the cat system info.

* Devuan & Debian
* Users of: BunsenLabs, Devuan, Debian in various occasions have helped me to keep this ojii-chan hardware alive.

--- Background Image ---
--- Original (5184 × 3456) ---

Credit & Thanks
OS: Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimaera/ceres)

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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby oswaldkelso » 2020-08-29 18:36


E16 for a bit of bling

To jazzy for me but some nice features. light (4.5MB under ps_mem), bling, bling and more bling. The pagers are some of the most interesting I've tried with the slide action and dual workspace on each workspace/desktop so you get 4 workspaces on 2 desktops. The zoom feature is very nice. Lot's of themes, some are very dated but some are so old they're back in vogue. I'm using DreamWorks.

Edit: I need to correct this bit. The feature I tried to explain above has a name. "Areas" What areas does is allows you to expand the area of your workspace not just double it but but up to 8x horizontally and up to 8x vertically :shock: Yes your one workspace made up of up to 64 times it's current size, like tiles. Only one tile is is shown at a time but all can be viewed via the pager and you can can n drop between areas. You can also have up to 32 workspaces!

I was most interested in the Epplets to see if they could be used like dockapps. I think they're tied to the system unfortunately unless anyone knows otherwise?

edit: It also has "groups" which is basically what all the cool dudes are raving about as "tags" now. Only took them 20 years to catch on :-)

Also the latest update was july 2020 :shock:
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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby sickpig » 2020-09-08 09:41



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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-10-25 20:44

Trying out foot ("foo terminal") in Alpine Linux edge:

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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-11-01 18:06

Really COOL, thanks for the share Head_on. :)
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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby Zoot » 2020-11-16 18:37

The only non-Debian Linux install I have nowadays is my router - which is powered by IPFire.

Not really a desktop per se, but it's the desktop I use if I do anything with it.

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Re: What does your non-Debian desktop look like?

Postby trinidad » 2020-11-17 13:11

Linux Lite 5.x with MS Edge browser.


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