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ahm-2.8.0 is released.

PostPosted: 2013-06-27 12:38
by teika
Hi. I release at-home-modifier-2.8.0. It merges the upstream 2.8.0, but has no changes in ahm itself since the last release, ahm-2.7.3. Those with new devices may want to use it. Don't worry, the dependency is the same as upstream-2.7.0, wheezy's version.

* Upstream news for 2.8.0

* The full source tarball
* The patch against Xorg's original 2.8.0

I don't write a Debian support for 2.8.0. Please consult 2.6.3 support or PPA by Yuri Khan.
Please share yours.


ahm-2.10.1 released & ahm is 5 years old.

PostPosted: 2016-02-12 07:03
by teika
Hi. Ahm-2.10.1 is released now. It's simply a merge of upstream-2.10.1, and ahm itself hasn't changed. It depends on xorg-server >= 1.18. [1] Please see the first post of the thread for the installation info. (Ubuntu PPA for 2.9.0 is provided by Yuri Khan. Thanks to Yuri.)

[1] You can use older versions of xorg-server, but in that case, you have to resolve a file collision manually.

I noticed that ahm has just turned 5 years old. The initial commit of the ahm patch was on 29 Jan 2011.


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[2] tl;dr: [1] [2] [3] Maybe this blog post or else helps.

# Oops I deleted the last post, the ahm-2.9.2 release notice in Apr 2015. :P

ahm-2.10.3 released.

PostPosted: 2016-07-15 11:15
by teika
Hi. Ahm-2.10.3 is released now. It's simply a merge of upstream-2.10.3, and ahm itself hasn't changed. Please see the first post of the thread for the installation info.

Ubuntu PPA for 2.10.2 is already provided by Yuri Khan. (Thanks.) 2.10.3 has only one change, a bug fix, since 2.10.2.

Re: Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr ... hack on xf86-input-evdev

PostPosted: 2018-03-01 22:52
by teika
For a Wayland replacement of my hack, you may find this post in the Archlinux BBS to be useful.

The upstream development of the evdev input driver seems to have almost stopped. (Only 3 commits in 2017.) It does not mean it's unusable. Keyboard is a mature device, so I think my hack remains to work for a coming few years. Of course earlier transition to the libinput driver makes the life less risky.


Re: Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr ... hack on xf86-input-evdev

PostPosted: 2020-03-11 22:09
by teika
Hi. "Cancellation by Long Press" is broken in some environments. Before an official release, I posted a fix patch in the Arch BBS.

ahm-2.10.6 released.

PostPosted: 2020-03-24 01:02
by teika
I here release ahm-2.10.6. The previous versions do not work with kernels >= 5.4, but this new version includes a workaround.

Get the patch againt the upstream 2.10.6, and help yourself.

This version also includes a sample xorg.conf.d file. (But most readers must already have their own one; it's for newcomers.)

All the best.

ahm-2.10.6 provides a workaround for the kernel bug 206929, which was fixed in the kernels 5.6, 5.5.14 and 5.4.29.