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Postby mark » 2004-03-03 09:08

Just out of curiousity; How are you computers named?

Mine are:

server : server (original eah :wink: )
PC 1 : sade
PC 2 : pearl-jam
PC 3 : live
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Postby Glanz » 2004-03-03 14:18

1) tao (debian)
2) kaos (debian)
3) simplecity (FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD/debian)
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Postby denise » 2004-03-03 21:52

1. Stars
2. Sun
3. Moon
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Postby PL99 » 2004-03-05 22:04

I only have one machine : debian

As long as I don't get my one computer to do exactly what I want, I don't see any reason to get a nother one. (It doubles my troubles :wink: )

a poor but happy debian lover :wink:
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Postby Glanz » 2004-03-06 02:00

PL99 wrote:I only have one machine : debian

(It doubles my troubles :wink: )

So true! I have three because two are sort of gifts -- or rather they were replaced by friends who upgraded to the "latest and greatest" stuff. Normally I only use a Debian laptop. But I use one of the others for testing and development. I have much experimental stuff on it to de-bug. My wife uses the remaining one, and with Mozilla and Open Office, she doesn't even miss M$. In fact, she hardly notices, but she did ask one question: 'how come we never get viruses when there's no anti-virus program in it?' Rather than go into a three month explanation, I just told her ther was an anti-virus in it called Debian.
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Postby Linlord » 2004-03-07 07:39

I installed debian on a leftover PC that I didn't use for a wile, so this one is called : Pentium266
And my winXP is called AMD2600 :oops:
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Postby NGene » 2004-03-08 14:59

I have one machine, Darkstar.

The name has a long history. Somewhere around 1998 I was doing my very first Linux install, and the Slackware I installed used "darkstar" as the default host name. As a n00b, very wet behind my ears, I had absolutely no idea what it was and how to change it, but it sounded cool, so I kept it. Since then, I've named all my Linux computers Darkstar.
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Postby pipio » 2004-03-08 19:25

My 2 computers are : "down" and "up". Simply because one is downstairs and the other one is ................right, upstairs.

But some time ago when there was only one in our house , it was called "oracle".

The reason is almost the same as NGene's:
A long time ago a was following a guide to install oracle on a PC (It never worked, maybe I give it another try one of these days), in the guide the computer was named "oracle" and I never thougt of giving my computer another name. (Call it lazyness)
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Postby Glanz » 2004-03-08 20:16

pipio wrote:My 2 computers are : "down" and "up". Simply because one is downstairs and the other one is ................right, upstairs.

You ought to have up downstairs and down upstairs "for security reasons"... :lol:
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Postby Rips23 » 2004-03-10 17:54

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Postby TheBman » 2004-03-11 12:12

Have been calling mine...PackMule...for about 2 years. Hey dont laugh, I call it that because it always carries the load...although it might complain once in a while!

hmmm...whats that do?
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Postby lacek » 2004-03-11 19:01

I have these:
These are not all mine; I has a couple of computers under my control in my office :-)
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Postby tim » 2004-03-13 20:07

My girlfriend and I have two laptops in the house. Since we tend to call each other by our last names, my computer is Folger, hers is Nolan. Mine runs woody; she uses xandros, and she doesn't miss windows at all.

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Postby BrandonT » 2004-03-17 18:30

My first PC is called brandon1, my second is called brandon2, my sisters PC
is called Jenny and the one of parents is called momanddad.

This way its easy for everyone to know which computer he or she is trying
to login to.
(only the 2 PC's in my room are linux installed) :oops:
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Postby Rambo » 2004-03-19 20:40

I only have 1 computer and it is called Debian.

Sorry I couldn't be more original!
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