What does your desktop look like?

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Re: What does your desktop look like?

Postby ruffwoof » 2017-05-04 22:18

Debian standard (command line) ... added xorg, openbox, compton (shadow effects), stalonetray (tray) ... and if you edit the openbox menu to have blank label values, leaving just icons ... then the effect is quite nice IMO


If in obconf you set a 1 pixel left screen edge margin, then even if a window is 'full screen' you can still mouse over to the left screen edge and click to access the menu


Openbox Pipe menus options are a nice feature, this one just has a menu item that pulls in the date and time


Add in Brightside for hot corners and set a corner to start skippy-xd ... and you can have a tiled view of all open windows simply by mousing into a corner


From there you can either click to focus, middle or right mouse click to minimise or close the window(s).

All with no KDE, Gnome, LXDE, Xfce ... etc, installed (nice and lightweight ... quick too). That said some elements are worthy of being installed ... pcmanfm file browser, lxinput (keyboard/mouse settings), lxapperance (theme etc.) are good additions IMO.

I've set the key bindings so that left click on the desktop launches the openbox menu and right click starts up the desktop-switch/open-programs menu ... as I'm not fond of the default clicking the middle (scrollwheel in my case) 'button'.
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