can anyone explain this?

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can anyone explain this?

Postby rain13 » 2017-06-19 19:30

can anyone explain this?

I installed java 8 on my arm-hf debian using
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apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

But when I try to run java it says no such file or directory.


The schreenshot above shows that in this directory I even have java binary, but for for some reason I still get "No such file or directory."
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Re: can anyone explain this?

Postby orythem27 » 2017-06-20 03:53

Maybe that installer did not automatically update necessary environment variables for you, such as PATH and JAVA_HOME.

I used to use `make-jpkg` to generate deb packages from the oracle installer. It would be easier to manage afterwards.

1. Download official package from oracle website. e.g. {jre,jdk}-8u*-linux-arm*.tar.gz

2. Install java-package and use make-jpkg to generate deb packages.

3. Install generated deb packages. Of course you'll have to remove those installed by `oracle-java8-installer` first.
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