netfilter-persistent and systemd issue

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netfilter-persistent and systemd issue

Postby debianuser55 » 2016-05-23 14:52

Good Afternoon All

I have made some changes to my rules.v4 firewall file and attempted to restart the service using the command "service netfilter-persistent restart". I am using the latest version of Debian.

However I seem to have stumbled upon a popular issue where the systemd seems to be conflicting with the netfilter-persistent and I cannot restart the service. None of the forum posts and bug reports that I read specifically addressed how to fix the issue.

I have tried the fix suggested at ... bug=780407 and changed line 5 of /lib/systemd/system/netfilter-persistent.service to "wants" rather then requires, but this hasn't made a difference.

I do not seem to be suffering from the "loop" issue that others have been as that did not appear in the error message. I looked to comment out the loop command in /etc/modules/ and elsewhere but could not find the command.

To copy the message from systemctl status netfilter-persistent.service

server-hostname systemd[1] : Failed to start netfilter persistent configuration
server-hostname systemd[1] : Unit netfilter-persistent.service entered failed state

The journalctl xn file reports

Subject: Unit netfilter-persistent service has failed
Defined-By: systemd

Unit netfilter-persistent.service has failed
The result is failed

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks in advance
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