X and Openbox start at Login on Live System

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Re: X and Openbox start at Login on Live System

Postby nathanid95 » 2017-03-07 18:15

I created this install following the instructions at http://syn.theti.ca/2013/06/22/tutorial ... ce-on-usb/ except using the Jessie standard live iso (no DE installed by default). Basically dd the image to one partition on the drive, make an ext4 partition for persistence, then change all the isolinux symlinks to syslinux.

I installed xorg and openbox with: apt-get install xorg openbox lxpanel

I can't create a test user at the moment as I'm not able to access the install, but i can tell you that logging in as root doesn't result in X and OB starting on their own.
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