Prime switching intel/nvidia (no bumblebee)

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Prime switching intel/nvidia (no bumblebee)

Postby tilli » 2017-02-27 12:46

Hi everyone,

So i have a working setup with Nvidia Optimus according to the instructions in the ArchWiki on my Debian testing installation.

However, I want to switch back to the intel card and use the nvidia card only when necessary.

In Ubuntu, this functionality is provided by the nvidia-prime package. There seems to be no such package for Debian and the majority of other distributions.

An alternative idea would be to reboot onto the intel/nouveau combination using a custom grub2 entry. But i cannot figure out how to correctly disable the nvidia module / enable nouveau without entirely purging nvidia.

Has someone got the switching to work or could advise me how to implement it?

Kind regards,

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