(Solved) How Do I Change UTC Time To Local Time

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Re: (Solved) How Do I Change UTC Time To Local Time

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-03-04 00:59

It would seem like it was clear enough, one would think most people
would logically come to the conclusion that in order to "Change" the file
they would need to edit it, so it probably never occurred to the original
In any event, I edited it :
from: https://wiki.debian.org/DateTimeHardware clock and system time when dual booting

While Debian prefer to keep the hardware clock in UTC (this prevents the need to change it on daylight savings and timezone changes) other systems (like Windows) by default keeps the hardware clock synchronized to local time. To keep the hardware clock sane and the time correctly displayed by multiple systems they need to agree on which timezone the hardware clock is kept at.

In Debian the timezone for the hardware clock is configured in the file /etc/adjtime;

0.000000 14602224559 0.000000
===== I added this comment =====
Edit /etc/addtime, and change "UTC" to "LOCAL" if you want the hardware clock to be kept at local time instead of UTC.

You do need to use sudo or su to edit this file, any editor will work,but nano or vi is the normal choice.

So any way, hope it is more clear to others,... looks like we need to also do a spanish translation on that page, but that is another topic.
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Re: (Solved) How Do I Change UTC Time To Local Time

Postby Rocky Bennett » 2017-03-04 14:30

Garry, Thank you very much for that alteration. Yes, there are people in the world that are so green that we need everything spelled out, I am sorry for any problems that I have caused. I am a happy Debian user and will continue to use and learn Debian as much as possible, but I am old and I do not think that I will ever learn enough to consider myself a novice. But such is life.

Thanks again.

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