Question about Sophos [Solved]

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Question about Sophos [Solved]

Postby RedZenit » 2017-03-13 16:59

Hello I am quite new here in this community and to start quickly of with my question i have a question.

İ did want to install a antivirus for my Linux which was Sophos-AV. i followed all the steps for the installation so on
but at my first installation i noticed that i installed not the free version but the supported version.. İ now have a question... what happens now?
Just to be safe i uninstalled Sophos again from my OS and i tried googling the answer but found nothing... does somebody now this?
specifically with SAV and CID ???

İ also try to find answers on Mint Forum... hope you guys can help :/
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Pretty new and lost... please help :/
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Re: Question about Sophos

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-03-13 17:26

----- for my Linux

This is really vague,Linux is a general term, for a Unix like OS, but there are so many distros
it is necessary to specify, which distro, version , and other details.
If this was a general linux forum, a general ,but vague question about
Linux would be fine, but it still would be important to include those details,

Since this is NOT a general Linux forum, but welcome to:
Debian User Forums
as the name implies, it is intended for users of the Linux Distro Debian.

Are you using Debian ? Debian is one distro of many.
Before installing things from random websites, you
should read this (If you are using Debian)

Since this "Sophos-AV", is not in the Debian repositories , and it is
what appears to be very commercial software, you would need to
ask them at their forum, about this. Debian has nothing to do with

by RedZenit »İ also try to find answers on Mint Forum... hope you guys can help :/

If you are using "Linux Mint" that would be better, or like wise, the appropriate forum depending on what distro you are using.
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Re: Question about Sophos

Postby dasein » 2017-03-13 17:43

Questions about Sophos belong here:
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