What laptop to buy?

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Re: What laptop to buy?

Postby bestia » 2017-09-29 07:36

I have a ThinkPad X230 that I run Fedora on. It's quite solid. You can get an extended battery for it that supposedly lasts almost 20 hours. The stock battery can get close to 8 I think. Mine is closer to 5 now but probably because of age. It used to do a bit better. It's 13" (or 12" I forget), 3 pounds, and easy to travel with.

It's 4 years old now, but they have newer models. I assume they'd be able to run Linux fine. I've not done RAW editing on it but I suppose it would work fine.
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Re: What laptop to buy?

Postby fmp » 2017-09-29 23:08

thehand wrote:I have figured out (through trial and error) how to get Debian to work with everything but Bluetooth mice .... which I feel is really a problem with the Linux bluetooth driver configuration of my laptop

Does any other bluetooth device work? phone pairing, music speakers, etc?
i have a lenovo ideapad and it almost never works with bluetooth pairing with my phone or bluetooth speaker
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