Wallpaper issue with Stretch as a VBox guest

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Wallpaper issue with Stretch as a VBox guest

Postby bryanmc » 2017-06-26 00:18

I'm running a fresh install of Stretch - Cinnamon in a VBox guest window. I changed the desktop background to one of my liking and all was well. When I restarted the stretch guest later, my selected background appeared to be enlarged (x4) and what would be the upper left quarter filled the entire screen. Going into the desktop background setting and changing the setting from whatever it was (zoomed - spanned - stretched etc) to another choice corrects the issue and the background appears as it should until the guest is shutdown and restarted later. Before I installed Stretch, I ran Jessie as a VBox guest with no issues.

One thing I noticed when taking screen shots (which I can post if necessary), is that the screen shot I took of the new background when oversize (which is basically a black background with the word Debian in red) came out as the stock stretch background tiled and not what was actually displayed on the screen. I've searched the forum, tried google, even read tea leaves and threw some bones, but I can't find anything to go on. I've also tried some of the supplied .jpg backgrounds with the same result. I'm really unsure if this is a Stretch issue, a Cinnamon issue or a VirtualBox issue, though the only thing different is Stretch instead of Jessie.

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