error: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2

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error: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2

Postby ricardo072 » 2017-06-30 23:06

Hi Everyone,

I have been using debian-based distros for more than 8 yrs or more, but somehow I'm new to Debian, with the recent release of Debian Stretch I decided to switch to Debian, so I'm running Debian 9 x64 on a VM with Oracle Virtual Box, I'm taking a lot of personal notes and I plan to install it on my real hardware as soon as I can set it up everything I need on the VM without errors.

I was trying to install Oracle Java following the instructions from

1) From the oracle website ( ... index.html ) I downloaded the jdk-8u131-linux-x64.tar.gz file and from the command line I executed this line:

~/Downloads$ make-jpkg jdk-8u131-linux-x64.tar.gz

I do see a lot of "warning" messages and the following 2 errors:

1) dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /var/lib/VBoxGuestAdditions/lib/ (used by debian/oracle-java8-jdk/usr/lib/jvm/oracle-java8-jdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/
Hint: check if the library actually comes from a package.

2) debian/rules:17: recipe for target 'override_dh_shlibdeps' failed
make[1]: *** [override_dh_shlibdeps] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/tmp/make-jpkg.JqxLMTVOQH/package'
debian/rules:11: recipe for target 'binary' failed
make: *** [binary] Error 2
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2

Aborted (-us).
Removing temporary directory: done

I'm not sure where is it or how to review the debian/rules file.
Do you have idea what's going on ?

Thank you,
Best regards.
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