Adding Debian 9 to domain controller

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Adding Debian 9 to domain controller

Postby indra281 » 2017-08-17 12:35

Hi :)

I am trying to add Debian 9 to domain controller is there any GUI app available to do this

I am new to linux, I am not unable to configure CUI

Thanks for your support
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Re: Adding Debian 9 to domain controller

Postby Palmstroem » 2017-08-31 14:13

A domain controller is a Windows server that controls a Windows NT domain which is a local network collection of computers, printers, etc. So what do you want:
    1. Just install Debian on the Windows server as an additional OS?
    Then free some disk partition and install Debian on it using a bootable device e.g., an USB stick.
    2. Remove Windows from the server and run the server with Debian instead?
    This is also possible. Wipe Windows, install Debian, and use the package SAMBA.
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