I can't login anymore...

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I can't login anymore...

Postby Cloudstrifeff7 » 2017-08-25 06:42

Good morning! Sorry for my bad english but I need help from you. From yesterday after that I enter passphrase sda5_crypt there is a problem. I try to login in my account in debian 8.4 but after that I write my password for login I return to choose again my account, enter again password... So I can't login in my account... This is a loop... For months was OK, but from yesterday I have this problem. I tried to use debian 9.1 from my pendrive for open my SSD and save my files, but after passphrase debian tell me that not recognize file system... Could you help me? Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: I can't login anymore...

Postby Doggybag » 2017-09-12 13:51

Do you have another pen drive? Can you try using a fresh live-usb system and see what happens?
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