Ongoing problem with Debian install.

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Re: Ongoing problem with Debian install.

Postby jbander » 2017-10-18 20:42

debiman wrote:
jbander wrote:I dumped Debian it was a pain , I'm trying to find a way to get a clean install ,I would guess I've tried around 10 different times. I'm thinking I'm making a mistake on the install itself, I've tried it with two other Distros , one other distro and no distro , just itself . None worked. The DVD burn MD5Sum is right on the DVD

you were saying you installed various different distros, you even tried "no distro, just itself".
i thought that funny: trying to install "no distro, just itself".
the dead badger wasn't some clever quib, just the first vaguely nihilistic linux-related thing that came to my mind.
i'm happy enough you took it as a joke, but don't think too much into it.

in any case, i always liked that article, it's such a nice caricature of the internet-dwelling linux freaks, giving out street credibility points for the hardest install one managed...
Ya I simply took it at humor, I thought it was funny.
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