Gnome keyring auto logout

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Gnome keyring auto logout

Postby 3f31d8d9e4 » 2017-10-22 09:19

I am currently using keepass2 because the it seems to me a better compromise between security and usability.

But Seahorse is better integrated with debian. With keepass, I have to write a second password when I boot my system, I can't use it for owncloud connection, pgp…
So maybe there is a way to find a better configuration for Seahorse.

Here is the behavior expected :

- When I log in, the password manager should be unlocked (I just typed my password, so writing a second one don't add so much security compared to the discomfort added). Like this my different account (email, owncloud…) are automatically configured at startup.
- If it stay a short time without activities (30s or 1 minutes), the password manager should be automatically locked. Like this, if I forget to lock my session when I leave, my passwords are still protected. For example, my pc is configured to be locked when I close my laptop. But sometimes when I reopen it, I am on the desktop with a notification saying that a program prevent the pc to be locked.
- But I don't want my pc to be locked automatically as fast. For example, I can be reading, following a tutorial, cooking, or anything else. So 30s, is really to short.
- I would like to have the database locked automatically if not used during 10-15min. No reason to have it unlocked if I don't need it.
- The data base should be easily unlocked when I need it. For example, If I want to login on, I would an automatic access to the password request windows.
Of course it is an ideal situation. The goal is to be as close as possible from it.

I didn't find any parameter or config file where I could settle it. If it is not possible directly with the software, maybe it is possible to lock it with cron or something like that ? And I assume I will have to configure a shortcut to easyly access the password window ?

Thank for your help.
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