New install: battery/keyboard language/touchpad

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New install: battery/keyboard language/touchpad

Postby MrGus » 2017-11-18 16:19

I just installed Debian LXDE 64-bit in my old Dell laptop with a brand new SSD. I tried several distros, and I decided to install Debian LXDE.
I have limited experience/knowledge of GNU/Linux, and I have come up with some issues I never experienced with Ubuntu when I tried it.

Up to now I have installed Skype and some other software I use for a specific task. Also I had to install non-free SW for my Intel wireless card to function.
I have been searching online for help, but it seems that ubuntu users and forums are dominating the internet.

1. During boot up if not connected to the ethernet cable, the laptop delays the OS boot up because is trying to find the primary network connection.
How do I fix this? I did choose the ethernet connection as my primary during setup.

2. No power management/battery indication on the taskbar. How do I add it?

3. Keyboard language indication. Straight after the installation (system in Greek language), I could see on the taskbar the "EN" letters, meaning that I am typing English.
But when I hit Alt & shift language does not change to Greek. I could click on the "EN" and choose "EL", but I could only type English.

I find a way to fix this. I added a "keyboard layout" icon on the taskbar, so now in addition to the showing "EN" or "EL" (for Greek), it also shows flags for the selected language input.
Alt & shift now works and I can switch between Greek and English, but I still have the "EL" showing on the taskbar, even with English keyboard enabled.
Is there a way to fix this? Any suggestions? Why if I see "EN" on the taskbar Alt&shift does not switch keyboard input? Do I need both icons in the taskbar?

4. By the way, how do I check If my graphics card works at full potential? I would install non free SW if I have to.

5. My laptop has a build in modem for dial up connections. How do I check if it is enabled? (maybe SW is missing).

6. Last issue, I no longer have the nice easy scrolling function by moving my finger on the side or bottom of the touchpad.
Now I have to click and scroll in order to scroll down through a page. Very inefficient. Any way to improve the touchpad functionality?

I appreciate that these issues might be very common and not interesting for the experienced users,
but as I already mentioned looking online for solutions using "Debian LXDE 9.2" as part of the search criteria does not seem to find anything Debian specific.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: New install: battery/keyboard language/touchpad

Postby arochester » 2017-11-18 16:34

Hello, and welcome to Debian User Forums.

Please note that Forums usually ask for 1 question on 1 thread. If you ask 6 questions on 1 thread you risk confusing yourself and other people.

2. No power management/battery indication on the taskbar. How do I add it?

RIGHT click the Task Bar>Add/Remove Panel Items>+ADD>Battery Monitor>+ADD
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Re: New install: battery/keyboard language/touchpad

Postby MrGus » 2017-11-18 18:08

Thank you that was easy but I missed it somehow.
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