[SOLVED] sudo apt-get update can not connect.

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Re: sudo apt-get update can not connect.

Postby dilberts_left_nut » 2017-12-09 20:25

"Downgrading" would be problematic - many transitions are effectively one-way, and while it may actually be possible, given enough knowledge and effort, thats not likely a worthwhile investment.
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Re: sudo apt-get update can not connect.

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-12-09 20:33

It is not so much a problem with the version your using, but with all the mixed
sources, it is in kind of in a unpredictable state.
One thing that might be good for you to know, look at the apt-get manual,
Code: Select all
man apt-get
, there is a -s option, this simulates, but does not actually make any changes, it helps to show what will happen if you perform the
actual command.
I don't want to tell you you should re-install, or not, if it is a new system for you,
and you don't have much personal files,and special programs that you want, doing a fresh , clean install properly probably is best , in my opinion.
Re-installing testing, probably is not a good idea for a beginner, re-installing
the current stable version, Debian 9 stretch would be best.
Probably it is best not to do anything, until you have read more documentation,
then you will be able to decide what would be best for you. Just keep in mind,
what DLN said:
dilberts_left_nut wrote:Post by dilberts_left_nut » 2017-12-09 13:44
Yes, the current error is caused by the proxy you have set is not working.
When you solve that, your system is likely to explode sooner or later because of your mixed sources.

Make sure you keep back up /copies of important data or files, so if and when
it all comes tumbling down, and it won't run, you have copies of your files, you
can use after a fresh install. A full system back up is not going to be of much use, it would be a copy /clone of a problematic system,... hope that makes sense, when you translate .
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Re: sudo apt-get update can not connect.

Postby username2 » 2017-12-10 13:42

Thnxs guys for all your wise words and help
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Re: sudo apt-get update can not connect.

Postby 1byte » 2017-12-24 09:37

username2 wrote:Thnxs guys for all your wise words and help

Have you started with fresh installation yet?
I am just curious ...
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Re: [SOLVED] sudo apt-get update can not connect.

Postby stevepusser » 2017-12-25 01:07

From what I gather, the original installation was done by someone else...a "geek" that actually did him no favors.

You might be happier with a Debian derivative distribution that makes things easier for beginners.
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