lilypond on debian/stable - vim files.

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lilypond on debian/stable - vim files.

Postby diniwed » 2017-12-11 00:18

I recently installed lilypond with the intention of typesetting the scores of a few songs for further integration in an epub.

I noticed the following:

1. The installation procedure (apt-get install) does not copy the vim files to the vim system directories (/usr/share/vim/.../syntax/... vim/.../ft-detect/... etc., which means that I had to copy them manually to my /home/user/.vim/.. tree to make lilypond's syntax highlighting work automatically. Out of the box when you open a .ly lilypond source file there is e.g. no syntax highlighting. I was under the impression that this is usually taken care of by the installation procedure (?).

2. The syntax file appears to require some work... presumably with help from the vim community. vim users are aware of a more general problem: vim's syntax highlighting may cause the editor to lag where large files are concerned. But in the case of lilypond a mere ~100 lines test file that I created to learn lilypond's syntax made the editor lag to such a point as to make it unusable. - i.e. much worse even than what I get when I edit really huge html files (over 15,000 lines). Clearly something the maintainer needs to look into.

#1 is obviously not something I can report to the lilypond developers since they have no control over the debian package.

#2 I could report directly to the lilypond developers (I imagine they have a bug repository). Or should I report it to the debian package maintainer so he can verify that it is an upstream issue and (perhaps) open an issue with the lilypond people?

What is the preferred way to report these two issues so they are eventually addressed?


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Re: lilypond on debian/stable - vim files.

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-12-11 00:41

Or should I report it to the debian package maintainer

Would probably be best.
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