No sound - stretch

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No sound - stretch

Postby fitterski » 2018-02-24 00:45

If I select SPEAKERS in the PAV control Output-Devices I can hear them pop as I move the slider

Some system sound nearly blew my eardrums on default volume but loading an audio file into VLC or Audacity = NO SOUND
I do get monitor activity under HDMI display port in the Volume Control window

Trying to duplicate the routine that works for me in Suse

- Start qJackCtl
- Start Audacity
- Select JACK in Audacity and load audio file (Audacity now gives only "SYS" of "Default" output, no options)
- On "play" Audacity shows activity on the Audacity monitor but there is NO SOUND
- Guitar input (via Boss-Me-80) ditto, shows activity on PAVU control panel AND in Audacity but NO SOUND

In a word "I" cannot get sound at all
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Re: No sound - stretch

Postby Bulkley » 2018-02-24 02:00

Quick experiment: go to PAV control Configuration and select Off. It either helps or it doesn't.

Are you using a laptop?
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Re: No sound - stretch

Postby sunrat » 2018-02-24 05:56

If you're using JACK you may need to configure routing in QJackctl.
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Re: No sound - stretch

Postby fitterski » 2018-02-25 01:12

#1 Just to get any audio at all

If I load VLC with Audio output pref set as 'Automatic' or 'Pulse' then its monitor line in the (presumably PAVU) Volume-Control window shows activity but I cannot hear anything.

If I try to select VLC to ALSA and then some output device preference then I get a RIDICULOUSLY long dropdown list (could not upload as attachment) ... lcpref.png

with more than a screen height of possibilities, one of them being XONAR STX-II which does result in audible audio. I can mute the above Volume-Control, it has no effect but the audio takes off at full blast and my dog goes through the %^&*$* ceiling!

If I load an audio file into Audacity I can hear audio only if I plug the speakers into the onboard card output & select default in Audacity. The output dropdown list in Audacity CHANGES depending if I plug the speakers into the onboard card or the PCI card but the PCI card never shows as one of the options. There is a "dmix" option and I have no clue about what THAT is.

I don't even wanna go past this point until I sort it out. Part of the problem is that my Asus -Xhair-IV board has 2 onboard soundcards only one of which can be disabled in BIOS. I also have an Asus STX-II pci card. I have managed to get good results (for recording only) using qJackCtl & Audacity "IF" using the pci card and PAVU-Control. The rest of my sound apps, Rosegarden, Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFx do not work well at all under Tumbleweed so for that stuff I have my goto Suse-13.2 system but that one cannot use the PCI card for lack of drivers. The short of the long is that I cannot really disable the onboard cards and by the time I get to Stretch (which I'd like to tweak to become my 'alternative') this leads to the abovementioned yard-and-a-half long dropdown horror.

I suspect that the problem in Stretch is that the PCI card is getting no recognition at all and maybe even if it did it would not come in as 'default' but I'm far from an expert of any sort. All "I" wanna do is my music. I'll look at Audacity with Jack after.
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[ partly resolved ] Re: No sound - stretch

Postby fitterski » 2018-02-25 22:53

I have disabled that onboard card which can be disabled in BIOS and I'm a step closer, I can now record using qJackCtl and Audacity although the PAVU control "Vol" slider has no effect on Line-In or Mic input volume. Audacity is set to Jack, "system" mic and "system" output

Next would be to get Rosegarden, qSynth, ZynAddSubFz and Hydrogen working with these but for now Rosegarden will not load. I get an error:

Error when parsing file
"unexpected end of file at line 1, column 1"
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