samba and fs weirdness - help needed

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samba and fs weirdness - help needed

Postby nottotallyclueless » 2018-03-08 20:04

Hi, I'm new here (and to Debian).

After long procrastination, I'm setting up a fileserver for video to be delivered via windoze networking to WDTV
media players.

I just installed Debian 8 (for no reason other than I had a previously-dowloaded install disk lying around) on an old
junker PC and added the current samba distribution.

Got it (basically) configured for anonymous user, and confirmed that the media player could see and play a test file
in /video .

Then I formatted a new 4TB disk, mounted it at /video , and stuffed in some files. Here's where things break. The
WDTV player sees the guest share, but doesn't see any of the files. Thinking it may be a problem with smbd starting
before the new disk is mounted, I manually killed smbd, mounted the disk, and restarted smbd. Same result.

Can anyone offer any pointers?

[EDIT: I should add that I 777ed the perms of the directories/files in question to no improvement.]

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Re: samba and fs weirdness - help needed

Postby silver007 » 2018-03-12 00:30

These videos are on the debian machine? Can the WD read whatever disk format you used?
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Re: samba and fs weirdness - help needed

Postby sunrat » 2018-03-13 22:55

I had a WDTV once and ended up binning it. They are very limited in what file formats they can read.
This may not be your problem but is worth mentioning. The main reason I ditched it was because it dropped support for the built-in streaming TV app for the station I wanted mostly to use it for.
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