Login, Logout, Reboot sounds in Debian 9 Stretch MATE

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Login, Logout, Reboot sounds in Debian 9 Stretch MATE

Postby Ezingers » 2018-04-22 00:03

I have search all over the web for an answer for this and found nothing. To begin with, not all of the themes in /usr/share/sound are listed in the drop down menu in sound and even though buttons sounds are enabled, it only plays click and button sounds. Correction, I have only heard it play one of the battery statistic sound, not all of them. And that is the notice sound that the cord is plugged in. It wont play login, logout, reboot, or shutdown sounds. I have installed pulseaudio, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth, pulseaudio-utils and all files relating to canberra. There has to be a way to configure all of these sound. Eather in a config file or through the terminal, Where can I go to configure this and what procedure would I fallow to do it?
Hope someone can help.
Thank You

P.S. sorry about the first post. It was late and I just noticed it didn't make much sense.
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