Disable X at boot time so that the system boots in text mode

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Re: Starting X ad libitum.

Postby Lysander » 2018-06-02 13:20

debiman wrote:stfu92 has been doing this on linuxquestions.org for 11 years!!!
never a valid problem description, always curt and unfriendly, but never actually abusive, which is no doubt the only reason they haven't been banned yet.

He currently has 3,847 posts over at LQ and his contributions have been rated helpful a mere 52 times. That is an absolutely shameful ratio. He's not interested in giving back to the community, only taking from it.
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Re: Disable X at boot time so that the system boots in text

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2018-06-02 13:34

Debian has a reputation for being a distro for people who like to configure the system for themselves. Those people have a will to learn about the OS they're using, so why don't you do everyone a favor?
Read this fine handbook:
https://dflinux.frama.io/thebeginnersha ... 01-debian/
After that, when you got a problem, try googling it with the word "debian" included. That will surely give you a wiki page with at least some info about it. If those don't prove to be helpful, only then come here and ask. But ask in detail, and ask nicely.
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