wab (wget, ar & bash) for more than debootstrap?

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wab (wget, ar & bash) for more than debootstrap?

Postby oui » 2018-06-01 20:00

the less exigent way to install Debian is probably to use debootstrap. the classic version of it did require a minimal tool kit to do it using binaries of the repositories (I don't know if it is possible for more, for. ex. using sources packages?). as well as I can remember, only

- wget
- ar
- bash

what is possible with that equipment (downloading with wget, unpacking with ar and processing with bash)? where is the limit?

are operations like

- inspect package parameters
- look in it it is containing
- open it out a new subdir in my home and collecting the single parts of it's content
- recreate it with little changes
- install it
- install all it's missing dependencies
- install all (or not!) it's recommends
- install all (or not!) it's suggested
- check what my installation actually contains (list actual packages)

etc also using above 3 tools wget. ar and bash (to understand step by step what exactly happens) possible?
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