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Re: Backport Newbie Questions

Postby stevepusser » 2018-06-05 18:00

Yes, as far as I know it needs qtwebengine, which is only available in recent Qt releases, and rules out any Stretch builds. There's a 64-bit Appimage on Falkon's KDE download page, but that doesn't run on Stretch, either...somebody mentioned that they will have to wait for a Qt 5.11 Appimage for that to work. You could try it on Slackware to see what happens there, just to be sure.

llewellen, click the link I gave you, then click the link to download the package, then the one to grab the binary directly. I would suggest installing gdebi and using that to install standalone debs, or you can also use the apt command to do so.

Or you could try the AppImage to see if that'll work, or the Flatpak, and I also hear that there are snaps available. Those will all be much more bloated than my dynamically linked build, though.

Edit: I got the 3.0.1 flatpak to install and run on Stretch, but it's a 360 MB download.
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Re: Backport Newbie Questions

Postby llewellen » 2018-06-06 00:09

@stevepusser: Thank you. My laptop that is running on Debian is still in my apartment and the latest word is that we will not be allowed back in until at least Thursday of this week. When I get back in, I will download and install your build and report results. I appreciate your efforts :)
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Re: Backport Newbie Questions

Postby Lysander » 2018-06-06 07:42

stevepusser wrote:You could try it on Slackware to see what happens there, just to be sure.

Yes, tried it out. Converted the .deb to a .txz and rebuilt the package, but it just comes up with nothing when it's clicked. That was expected though.
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