HPLIP Plugin problem

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HPLIP Plugin problem

Postby Danfinn » 2018-06-04 21:16

Just done a fresh install of Jessie and afaik it is fully updated. When trying to use my HP Laserjet P1102W it thows up a HPLIP plug in error and stops. I have tried it shared, plugged in direct using usb, but still no joy. However, my HP C6200 multifunction printer works perfectly. This is sitting on the ethernet with a fixed ip. I have been to the package manager thinking HPLIP was missing but it is there. :?

Any ideas folks. It all works perfectly on my Wheezy pc, which I was advised to update :(
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Re: HPLIP Plugin problem

Postby Lysander » 2018-06-04 21:21

Why are you not using Stretch? For one, they use different versions of the plugin (3.14.6-1+deb8u1 vs 3.16.11+repack0-3) respectively and secondly, you were advised to update to Stretch, not Jessie. I mean, you could backport the Stretch plugin in Jessie, but that would be weird, to say the least.
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Re: HPLIP Plugin problem

Postby stevepusser » 2018-06-05 00:53

Though jessie-backports has 3.16.11 too, the stock Jessie version should support it:

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HPLIP 3.10.5 - This release has the following changes:
Significant Changes:
Added support for the following new Printers:

- HP Photosmart D110 Series Printer
- HP LaserJet Professional P1102w Printer
- HP Laserjet Professional P1102 Printer
- HP LaserJet Professional M1132 Multifunction Printer
- HP LaserJet Professional M1212nf Multifunction Printer
- HP LaserJet Professional P1566
- HP LaserJet Professional P1606dn Printer
- HP Officejet 4000 K210 Printer
- HP Officejet 4400 K410 All-in-One Printer
- HP LaserJet M5039 Multifunction Printer

Many HP printers require that you download a PPD file for your printer through the HP GUI. Have you tried this yet?
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