Enlarging Screen Font

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Re: Enlarging Screen Font

Postby debiman » 2018-07-04 11:18

JerryP wrote:Thanks to the first attempt that just didn't work out. However, other replies are useless and not helpful to someone trying to learn.
I really expected better, but such is today's environment.

you have to see it from our point of view:
we've been using linux for years, natively, installed to hard drive etc.
and suddenly there's an influx of questions for linux installed on Windows.
this is
  • annoying, because if microsoft want to up their image by giving FOSS to its users, they should also deal with support
  • complicated, because one can never know whether the problem stems from some windows-specific situation
  • annoying again because windows users naturally have helpdesk mentality, and we don't do that here.
yes, such is today's environment. nobody appreciates the true qualities of FOSS and its communties anymore. everyone is just a customer.

also see http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm

on a more constructive note:
why don't you try Linux the way it is intended to be used?
mosey over to one of the large distro's websites, create a bootable USB stick, and test.
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Re: Enlarging Screen Font

Postby sunrat » 2018-07-05 00:04

I would suggest that the new Linux for Windows setup is primarily for developers who have knowledge of both and wish to use some Linux features/applications while developing in Windows. It's a command line interface so is definitely not the way for newbies to get their first taste of Linux.
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Re: Enlarging Screen Font

Postby GarryRicketson » 2018-07-05 02:13

With out the manual pages and the 'man' command, that kind of renders the system useless to any one new to Linux and Debian, unless they know how to do searches on line,...
I guess maybe the OP got mad and it is my fault, all though I was trying to help, I did not intend or mean to offend them, but with the man command, and no search skills, the only option is to ask for help,and "handholding", walk the beginner through the basic commands, explain how to install packages, etc,,,,
Even with experience with Linux, I find the 'man' command , and pages to be one of the most essential commands on my system.
There is a command: 'setfont', for details:
Code: Select all
man setfont

But with out any man command, pages, of course there is the search engine:
setfont manual for Debian
I don't know if this Windows Debian version has the command, and package or not,...
First hit: https://wiki.debian.org/Fonts
another hit goes into using console-setup
I have really bad eyes and they are getting worse all the time, so the small fonts on the console is a problem for me as well, but I have never bothered to try to use 'setfont' or the 'console-setup' program, (which was not available for Debian Wheezy any way)
So any way, on a minimal install, like what the WindowsDebian seems to be, the first things I do is install the manual pages and 'man' command, and Xorg, so I can also install a window manager, and then xterm, xterm is easy to change the font size:
Code: Select all
xterm -fa 'Monospace' -fs 20

Or even easier, install the xfce4-terminal, which has a "easy click" button:
edit>select preferences >appearance> fontsize
Probably someone use to windows would be better off installing a DesktopEnvironment of some sort, but with out the manual, and not knowing how to install any package, well even if they didn't ask for "handholding" they need it, at least to get started, any way, hopefully this helps somebody, even if the OP does not come back,... that is all for now.
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