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Postby bobsburger » 2018-11-30 17:31

Hello there, I have finally managed to get debian to install on my asus x205ta using a USB Ethernet adapter. With a little help from google on the askubuntu pages I managed to get some wifi working. One issue is I do not have any sound. I am not concerned with bluetooth at the moment. I tried following a guide but I believe the patch was for a different kernel so now when my netbook loads at grub it autos to the sound kernel and does not boot. I have to select the advance option and click on 4.9 to boot every time i start my machine. I have installed the latest debian iso and downloaded updates while installing as of two day ago. Can anyone help me remove that kernel option that cannot be used that my machine is defaulting too? Also when i look at sound I see the bars moving if im playing a video but it says Dummy Audio- I do have a usb headset i tried but it does not get recognized and still no sound. please help ive been trying for 4 years to get this laptop to run linux, I made it this far. another thing is my apt sources list, synaptic does not find unetbootin, or many other applications. I am not sure what to add to get many other applications to show like they do in ubuntu. Im most concerned about the sound as of now as I can just use gdebi to install deb packages. Thanks for all your help.
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Postby stevepusser » 2018-11-30 20:14

It seems you might have created a mutant there by following Ubuntu guides. However, since you don't provide any details about what you did, it's not really possible to help you revert that.

You should be able to remove that unwanted kernel from the boot options by uninstalling it.

As for your missing packages in apt, what do you get with
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as sudo or with root?
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