Best Laptop for Debian

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Re: Best Laptop for Debian

Postby zerubbabel » 2018-12-05 07:53

I've been running a Debian-based system on Dell Latitude laptops for the past ten years or so, with no significant issues. The Latitude series are their business line, and are a higher grade than their Inspiron home-computing line.
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Re: Best Laptop for Debian

Postby Hallvor » 2018-12-05 09:17

Intel CPU with Intel graphics and Intel wifi has not failed me yet.

Do not buy brand new stuff. The kernel always lags behind in supporting the latest hardware. I usually buy computers that are a couple of years old for a very good price, and I know all hardware will be fully supported.
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Re: Best Laptop for Debian

Postby pylkko » 2018-12-05 10:34

if the main purpose is to do physics simulations on Octave, then how about buying a lightweight, low performace and easy to carry laptop with 12+ hour battery and running the simulations on some kind of server/cloud platform remotely from the laptop. If you are a student at a school, you may already have such a service available for you. If not, you can rent compute time and it is not that expensive. This way you can probably get way better performance. Presuming that the simulations are high performance computations, not simulating a dropping ball in a vacuum or similar.

Also, when you say that size doesn't matter and batter also doesn't. It sounds like you wont be carrying the laptop that much. If so, then realize that the processors that are available for laptops are mostly not the best with respect to performance.
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