only in debian: can't use 5 digit UTF characters

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only in debian: can't use 5 digit UTF characters

Postby nonexistent_entity » 2018-12-07 17:39

I'm posting in Beginners Questions because I can't figure out where to put this post. New to Debian but not Linux.

I have Debian, Fedora and Linux Mint Cinnamon installed on 6 partitions on my SSD, each with a separate root and home partition. The Fedora and Debian home partitions are filled with links to what's in the Mint home partition.

I'm using zsh and oh-my-zsh and have recently switched to POWERLEVEL9K from Powerline fonts. I put the HAMMER AND WRENCH character, UTF-8 1F6E0, in my zsh prompt. It works fine in Mint and Fedora29, as well as in Antergos on another machine, but in Debian I just get the box with 1F6E0 in it. Four digit UTF-8 characters work OK in Debian, so in Debian I can use the HAMMER AND PICK character instead, UTF-8 2692 (that's hex).

Everything pertaining to zsh and oh-my-zsh in my Debian home directory are just links to my Mint home directory.

Yes, I've run

    fc-cache -vf ~/.fonts
and I've run it more than once.

What's wrong in Debian but not in other distros? TNX.
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