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proxy setting

Postby dannyhmui » 2019-03-08 02:49

Dear friends, I just setup Debian 9 on my virtual machine and use NAT to share host IP, I can also assign an IP to this VM if I want to. now, I can access internet, but I am not able to install any application because missing a lot dependencies.
for my other windows VM, I need to set proxy.xxxx.local 8080 in internet connection tab, then add then input logon name and pass for credential to get online. I am wondering how to do this in my debian?

when I try to do sudo apt-get update, I got:
Code: Select all
E: Failed to fetch  Could not resolve 'auth.xxxxxxx.local'
E: Failed to fetch http://auth.xxxxxx.local/UserCheck/PortalMain?IID=6729C162-C1A7-B6F2-609C-B3458A7A16E1&origUrl=aHR0cDovL2Z0cC5hdS5kZWJpYW4ub3JnL2RlYmlhbi9kaXN0cy9zdHJldGNoL21haW4vZGVwMTEvaWNvbnMtNjR4NjQudGFy  Could not resolve 'auth.xxxxxxxlocal'
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