Permissions on mount?

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Permissions on mount?

Postby Munty Scruntfundle » 2019-03-18 17:45

Hi folks.

Many many years ago I went through some Unix courses and used to know the permissions system pretty well, I have to admit these days I really don't, all forgotten. Too many beers. Too many women!

I have a directory on a Raspbian/Debian server, nothing unusual, straight forward directory. I have other nodes which need to connect to this folder, which I've achieved with a mount in fstab. I'm using credentials of a known user who has permissions for the files in the original folder. However, when the mount connects the user has pretty much no control over anything.

So, how can I ensure the directory and the files within are completely available for the user in the fstab statement? I've chowned and chmodded, to no avail. If I chmod 777 then I can edit as required, but this is less than ideal.

Many thanks.
Munty Scruntfundle
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Re: Permissions on mount?

Postby reinob » 2019-03-19 14:55

maybe you can start showing your line in /etc/fstab. Otherwise we can't even know which protocol you're using for sharing the directory (like nfs, smb, etc.)
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