Bad Gateway 502

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Bad Gateway 502

Postby Radjin » 2019-08-12 20:59

I had a working static site that used a gallery and wordpress. Following directions I added the capability in the NGiNX webserver for virtual hosts. Surprisingly it worked perfect the first time; as a noob that was quite astounding. Then of course my excitement was crushed. After a few minutes I started getting the 502 Bad Gateway when I called either the gallery or Wordpress. So I broke something in the process but am not sure what. I researched what the error means and there are loads of suggestions to fix on the client end but as it affects both of my external services that were working before the change it must have been something I did. What is strange is it worked for several minutes before the error started. By external, I mean not my static sight although they are in a directory within my html folder on my personal server.

I am open to ideas and I thank any of you patient to offer assistance to this noob.

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Re: Bad Gateway 502

Postby pylkko » 2019-09-02 10:03

Perhaps you changed the configuration believing it would take effect immediately. Then, later, the machine rebooted, the service reloaded or other such thing caused the configuration files to be reloaded and it stopped working.
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