Debian Live fails to boot

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Debian Live fails to boot

Postby NewfieDawg53 » 2019-09-04 12:02

A colleague of mine suggested that I try Debian Live (the Wheezy version) on an old Compaq Deskpro EN812e machine. (CPU is a PIII 866Mhz, RAM is maxed out at 512GB). I downloaded copies of the Debian Live 7.1 i386 xfce non-free and the Debian Live 7.1.1 i386 kde non-free ISOs for testing purposes. I believe that both are "hybrid" images. Burned the ISOs to DVD because the old Compaq only has 2 usb ports on the rear of the case. The burned images will run quite well on a newer HP dc7900 USFF machine with 6 GB RAM, but will not boot or run on the Compaq. I have carefully selected the boot from CD option in the BIOS setup of the Compaq. Other distro images such as AntiX and Mint Linux will boot successfully on the Compaq and the HP.
My question is that if Debian is intended to operate on older equipment such as this 18 year old PIII, should I bother with the older version (7) of Debian Live or simply grab an "installable" image and create a live disk for testing? Thanks.
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Re: Debian Live fails to boot

Postby trinidad » 2019-09-04 20:25

It is unlikely that the machine you are installing to has a DVD player.

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Re: Debian Live fails to boot

Postby kedaha » 2019-09-04 21:18

I would try the the current stable Debian distribution taking into account minimum hardware requirements & recommendations given in the Installation Guide.
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