For the following scenario, is it better to stay with Mint?

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For the following scenario, is it better to stay with Mint?

Postby road hazard » 2019-09-12 02:11

Been using Mint 18/19 for a while. I hit a roadblock when upgrading from Mint 18.3 to 19.0 (which required me to just blow away the install and start fresh) and another snag when upgrading from 19.0 to 19.1. (This upgrade didn't require a fresh install and was a minor issue.) When I upgraded to 19.2, I discovered a bug with the version of Cinnamon in 19.2 that's not present with Debian 10, because it's an older version.

But, my Mint install uses Plex, Emby and a few other non-standard applications. I'm wondering if I should continue on with Mint or switch to Debian 10. My main question is this..... I'm positive if I only installed applications from the official Debian repos and didn't "pollute" my setup with stuff like Plex, Emby, VLC, MKVToolnix, etc (and all their dependencies.... if any).... I could expect super smooth upgrades to Debian 11 stable, Debian 12 stable, Debian 13 stable, 14 stables, etc., etc., etc.

Since I need these extra programs, should I just stick with Mint because installing that extra stuff on Debian, might cause me problems as well? Or, even with those extra packages, Debian stable branch updates should go buttery smooth?

I really like some of the things that Mint does but I'm wondering if I should just go with straight up Debian to make life simpler for myself?
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Re: For the following scenario, is it better to stay with Mi

Postby Deb-fan » 2019-09-12 03:34

Jmo and commonly accepted best practice is a fresh install between major releases. If you want otherwise would suggest going something that's a rolling release or track Debian Sid/unstable branch. The Buster release notes I've seen do mention having a bunch of 3rd party apps can cause issues for people going from Stretch to Buster but if you have outside software which you use like then would say yeah install and use it. Many ways to get newer or software which may not be available in Debian's stock stable repos. Some being backports, apt-pinning, the author/maintainer may have a deb, other fully compatible distro's based on Debian and finally flatpaks/snaps etc. Not like doing a fresh upgrade every few years is a big deal.
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Re: For the following scenario, is it better to stay with Mi

Postby dilberts_left_nut » 2019-09-12 07:44

Debian puts a lot of effort into making stable upgrades reliable.

I have quite a few boxen that have been upgraded through many releases (a well as full hardware transplants) but pretty much all Debian packages only.
Running third party stuff, you are always reliant on people who may not know too much about Debian shoving possibly incompatible code onto your system, but still, if you remove those packages prior to upgrading then re-install after, upgrades should still work as advertised.

If you start from a "clean" fully updated oldstable and follow the Release Notes to upgrade, it's a well tested procedure that should "just work".
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