Tried to install Debian, stuck at minimum installation.

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Re: Tried to install Debian, stuck at minimum installation.

Postby ImportantBookWorm » 2019-10-23 13:30


I tried installing visual studio code. I tried it with a deb file but it says something in the likes of having to unzip that. And then there's no easy setup icon in the folders. So I tried it with snap and I'm pretty sure it did install correctly however now I'm not able to find Visual Studio Code anywhere. Where's the shortcut? I did find one folder usr shared but it's not in there. I'm kind of hesitating to make another topic for this as I still got one running (this one), might as well ask it here. I can't figure it out through the "what we expect you to have already done" links. And can't search on it online either or well it's not giving the right results.

I have to disagree on it being OK for beginners lol.
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